At Eye Associates, we utilize technology and staff to maximize the efficiency of your experience. Ultimately, we seek to provide you with maximum face-to-face time with your doctor to make sure your concerns are addressed, questions answered and to properly educate you on your conditions and options.

Highlights of the examination process

  • A detailed medical, family and ocular history sets the stage to address your concerns, but also allows the doctor to educate you on risks you may not be aware of.
  • Pre-testing by an Ophthalmic Technician, providing data that will help the doctor in examining your eyes and vision.
  • Our office employees the best of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology and E-Rx medical prescribing to accurately and effcienty document your experience.
  • A complete check of your visual acuity, binocular vision status are performed.
  • Our refractions are enhanced by utilizing the lastest auto-refractor technology resulting in more efficient and accurate refractions.
  • A complete ocular health assessment both external and internal to the eye.
  • Should a concern be found, we have available all equipment necessary to perform special testing for conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Our OCT machine is the same utilized in a retinal specialist office.
  • The most critical part of the examination process, and where we excel, is the education and communication of your conditions and options.


At our office, the air puff has been replaced by an Icare tonometer, allowing for accurate eye pressure screening without the air puff. Patients LOVE it!

Our Optos ( retinal, non-mydriatic camera allows for a laser scan to be taken of the retina that is an important addition to your yearly exam.

RevolutionEHR and E-Rx
State-of-the-art electronic medical records provided at our office. No more mistakes from messy hand-writing! E-Rx allows safe and accurate prescription ordering from your pharmacy.

Automated Acuity System
No more projector and memorizing the eye-chart! Enhances our ability to provide accuracy and precision glasses Rx’s.

Optos Retinal Imaging
Allows for a non-dilated retinal image to be taken, in some cases, avoiding the dilation process. Having a retinal image allows the doctor to show you your retina and any particular areas of concerns. It also provides a detailed image that attaches to your permanent record to monitor your retinas through time. An Optos image is recommended as part of your annual exam.

Cirrus OCT
The gold standard in retinal topography, the same technology employed in retinal specialty clinics for diagnosing and tracking disorders of the macula and optic nerve (macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease and glaucoma.)

Humphrey Field Analyzer
This technology is employed in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma as well as disorders of the optic nerve and neuro-ophthalmic pathway.

Icare tonometer
Replaces the old air-puff tonometer used to screen eye pressure. Patients love NOT having the air puff and the gentle method used by the technicians to provide an accurate starting point of your eye pressures, data that is used in glaucoma risk assessment.

Optikam & EY-Stick
OptikamPad iPad app is a complete eyewear dispensing solution that helps eye care professionals assist our patients at all stages of the fitting process. This revolutionary tool helps us offer a unique shopping experience.

The Optikam’s EY-Stick gives us a personalized or “as-worn” measurement. These measurements, when accounted for in the fabrication of your lenses, offer the best visual experience.