Looking at our new facility, at 1610 Broadway, it is hard to imagine the roots of our clinic stretching back over 70 years and 9 blocks down Broadway.

Our clinic was founded by Dr. Bob Vandesteeg in the 1940’s near our current AAAA theater.

In the early 1960’s Dr. Vandesteeg transfered the clinic to Dr. Karl Bloomquist and was joined a few years later by Dr. Roger Bakewell. They moved the practice to 6th Ave, near our current Garden Bar on 6th, and later built a stand alone clinic on 12th and Hawthorn (currently Soderholm Oral Surgery) in 1987.

Dr. John Hoven joined the practice in 1999, and in 2001 when Dr. Bloomquist and Dr. Bakewell had retired, he was joined by Dr. Jeremy Anderson and Dr. Melissa Hoven.

In May 2012, the new Eye Associates of Alexandria was opened. Dr. Carie Stotesbery joined our team in February of 2013.